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provider of darknet services

Repbin is a command-line pastebin service that is distributed, encrypted, and anonymous. It can be used to share texts easily, by just piping them into a command. Getting them is just executing a command with an URL to locate the intended text.

Repbin can also be used to share files, send messages anonymously, or even set up a chain of message mixes.

Lastly, Repbin can be used to operate very anonymous, very hard to trace RPC services - for which it was initially developed.

The original coders behind repbin come from the anarplex group, and finally anarplex is running a public repbin server.

Just get repbin here or just run
go get -u github.com/repbin/repbin/cmd/repclient
(with go toolchain installed). Then edit your ~/.config/repclient/repclient.config :


{ “BodyLength”: 65832, “PadToLength”: 4096, “MinHashCash”: 24, “PrivateKey”: “”, “KeyDir”: “”, “SocksServer”: “socks5://”, “PeerUpdate”: 1547001048, “BootStrapPeer”: “http://tekpm6chpkyzq2vq.onion/", “PasteServers”: [ “http://tekpm6chpkyzq2vq.onion/" ] }