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provider of darknet services

Finally, we moved away from the hardware we had for 5 years now and set up a new system. A lot of changes were made in the process. The Tor hidden service is now generally faster and more stable, we have two clearnet gateways to the IRC. We switched IRC server and services software. Oh, and we’re running on OpenBSD now.

We have not ported nickname and channel registrations, so please re-register and make sure that you have understood the new registration process.

We also added new addresses for Tor (and I2P soon). Please use the new addresses from now on.

Oh, and our website is now managed by hugo, so a few links might be broken, and the design slightly changed.

For those interested in technical details: Anarplex runs on an AMD Epyc server as a single virtual machine which can reach the clearnet only through a VPN or through Tor. The clearnet gateways are connected by either (depends on service) VPN connections which redirect the traffic, or proxies that forward through Tor. The clearnet gateways always strip the original IP addresses from traffic before forwarding to the main server. The clearnet access VPN runs through Cryptohippie and uses their multi-hop and anonymous out-of-band authentication method. VPN links are rotated every day or so, and we have multiple simultanous connections to their network. Through this initial VPN we run an SSH tun/tap VPN that carries the traffic that the clearnet gateways capture. All disks and RAM on the host are encrypted, and it is under our sole control (only we have admin access).

– smuggler