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provider of darknet services
2015-02-19 +++ Our keyfile has been updated +++ See new keyfile here
2015-02-19 +++ New service: Source Code Hosting +++ We have started a new service to provide fossil-based source code hosting in the darknets. See here for links: DNCA.
2015-02-17 +++ SSL Changes +++ SSL Changes +++ +++ After receiving multiple complaints about using self-signed certs, we are now back at using cheap godaddy (yuk) certs. The fingerprint is:
SHA-256: 3C:FC:49:B1:2C:C9:7C:B0:DA:CC:0D:FF:7A:6F:80:58:EB:22:FC:C9:1A:2D:73:D0:D2:72:1A:FA:11:25:5C:99
SHA1: 6B:3B:F0:C9:4E:F5:7B:55:EB:66:6C:58:6B:00:0F:F7:32:7E:A6:1D
Please find the signed statement here.
2015-02-17 +++ Debating rules +++ We have posted a little text to help with debating on IRC. Find them here
2013-12-13 +++ Maintenance finished. We are back up. +++ Downtime took a bit longer than expected due to network issues. All services up and running again. Enjoy
2013-12-13 +++ Maintenance Downtime 2013-12-13 2000-2130 UTC +++ We are making a few changes to server internals that will result in a downtime of about 90 minutes (or less) for the IRC server.
2013-11-13 +++ Good news! IRC Server UP again! +++ We're glad that we were able to procure the new hardware quickly and that the server is back up. Again: Apologies for the downtime.
2013-11-12 +++ IRC Server down +++ Our IRC server is currently down, and it will stay down until we have replaced the hardware. ETA 24-72h
2013-05-03 +++ SSL Changes +++ SSL Changes +++ +++ We have updated our SSL keys to self-signed certificates. For verification, please find a signed statement of the fingerprints here.
2013-02-25 +++ Mirror for Reality Exploit Roundtable +++ Often missed, RER is now mirrored by anarplex.net, until the traffic load becomes to high for our system. It can be found here: RER Mirror.
2013-02-25 +++ SecondRealm.net +++ The SecondRealm.net website is about to be closed. Anarplex has saved the content and wiki to: Second Realm
2013-02-25 +++ LoTNV moved +++ Since LoTNV is not operational anymore, the main content was moved to anarplex: LoTNV / RuleScaping
2013-02-24 +++ New website! +++ New website! +++ We finally made it. The new website is available, using a javacript based CMS for best usability over slow (high latency) darknets. We will also incorporate the secondrealm.net resources as well as a client's website (lotnv.net) in the near future. Stay tuned.
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